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Humility is nothing but truth. When you are humble, people trust you. Be grateful and appreciate the goodness of your dear ones. Being humble means knowing that you expel thoughts about yourself but do not think less of yourself. Share these beautiful humble quotes for facebook and express your thoughts and opinions about being humble. Say to your friends that humility is actually not simplicity, but a greatness.

    Be grateful. Appreciate. Stay away from arrogance. Do not stare down on others.

    Being humble means knowing that you require forgiveness from your daily errors.

    You expel thoughts about yourself but do not think less of yourself – this is humility.

    Humility is embracing honesty and ego is looking away from the truth.

    Ego is an enemy we have to wrestle with everyday. From the moment you step out of the bed, the demons will whisper you things that will corrupt your heart, if you allowed it to. If you can win let your humility take over, you are already considered a winner.

    We should remember that we do not have all the powers, hence we need to be humble. Simplicity lives in the hearts of the greatest souls. Say a thank you for nature and God. Being humble expresses your gratitude and understanding. Humility kills your ego. Humility makes you stay away from arrogance. Share these beautiful humble quotes for facebook on your facebook walls and motivate your dear ones to be humble and simple and therefore be great.

    We must not forget that we don't have all the power in this world. We must remember to turn to God for strength and grace.

    To carve a mark into the hearts of other people, do not speak of your trophies.

    I cannot be a champion without learning how to happy whichever rank I may be, and without making a fuss when I'm on the top.

    Prominence is not measured by the pedestal you are standing on but in your ability to help others stand.

    Brooding at yourself will not show you wonder of life.

    An unassuming pride is a force that no misfortune or any mishaps can tarnish.

    Simplicity lives in the soul of the greatest of writers, the most amazing of artists and the best geniuses that walked the Earth.

    Humility is nothing but truth, and pride is nothing but lying. - St. Vincent de Paul

    "Thank you" is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding. -Alice Walker

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